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BearChess is an independent chess GUI for UCI engines with direct support for electronic chessboards (Certabo, TabuTronic Cerno/SentioiChessOneMillennium ChessLink and eOne,  DGT (e-Board and Pegasus), Chessnut Air/Pro, Square Off Pro, NOVAG Citrine/UCB, Saitek OSA).

Why yet another chess GUI?

Many GUIs support electronic chessboards, but do not use the full potential that chessboards with piece recognition offer. They could be much better used for training or analysis of games and positions.

So the focus of BearChess is more on exploiting the possibilities of the chessboards than being just another GUI. Look at the video tutorials for more details.

Download new version (14 June 2024) at BearChess Online Storage.

Now with...

  • Support for
    • Certabo (USB and Bluetooth/BTLE) 
    • TabuTronic Cerno (USB and Bluetooth/BTLE) and Sentio (USB and Bluetooth/BTLE) 
    • iChessOne
    • Chessnut Air and Pro (USB and Bluetooth)
    • Chessnut Evo (due to a misunderstanding, in documentation prior states that Graham O'Neill's driver is required for this. This is not the case.)
    • DGT e-Board, incl. Revelation (USB and Bluetooth)
    • DGT Pegasus
    • Millennium ChessLink and eOne (USB and Bluetooth)
    • Square Off Pro
    • ChessUp
    • House of Staunton by ZMARTFUN
    • NOVAG Citrine and UCB
    • Saitek OSA
  • Includes the engine Spike 1.4 by Volker Böhm and Ralf Schäfer (http://spike.lazypics.de)
  • Play on Free Internet Chess Server (FICS)
  • Separate time control for white and black
  • Speech output for any language
  • Short lift up you king to request help by your buddy engine
  • Relaxed mode against any UCI engine
  • Determine your playing strength
  • Support of Certabo Avatar UCI engines
  • Support of MessChess chess computer emulation by Franz Huber
  • Import games from "The Week in Chess"
  • Support for Polyglot, Arena and CTG opening books

and many more

Millennium Chess: Play digital chess on real boards (Affiliate link)

Chess puzzle of the day

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  • Certabo
  • Millennium