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Millennium ChessLink UCI

The idea is to play with the ChessGenius Exclusive or The King Performance via Millennium ChessLink with all chess GUI's that sup- port UCI chess engines. The Millennium ChessLink UCI chess engine accepts UCI commands from the GUI and send the chess moves on the board back to the GUI.

Known Limitation: In the basic position the white figures must be on the side where the badge is attached to the Exclusive/Performance board. Will be corrected in the next version.

File Version Description
Millennium ChessLink UCI (576.83KB) 1.2.0 This engine based on .NET Framework 4.7.1
Millenium ChessLink UCI Core (696.46KB) 1.2.0 This engine based on .NETCore 3.1.0
PDF (549.20KB) 1.2.0 Documentation EN
PDF (552.81KB) 1.2.0 Dokumentation DE

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